Walking Library for Forest Walks


Photograph by Dee Heddon

The Walking Library is delighted to be making a new Walking Library for Forest Walks. Commissioned by the National Forest, the specially compiled library will be displayed at the Timber festival in July 2020, with the opportunity to join an artist-led walk to explore the collection further and share texts along the way. The collection will then remain in the National Forest to be used by local libraries, walk leaders and community groups.

We need your help to fill this new Walking Library with books to take for a walk in the forest by suggesting the perfect book to walk with. Below are some prompts to help with your suggestion:

  • What book transports you from your arm chair to the imagined forest?
  • What book would help you see the forest for the trees?
  • What book would provide seeds for thought and future forests?
  • What leaves would you want to turn and share?
  • What forest stories stretch both legs and minds?

Books can be for adults, children and young people. Add your recommendation by filling in the simple online form at Library Suggestions by 30 April 2020.


                          Photograph by Mhairi Law

If you would like to send us a donated book to include in the Library please post to –The Walking Library, C/o The National Forest Company, Bath Yard, Moira, Swadlincote, DE12 6BA (and we would love to hear why you’ve selected this particular book for The Walking Library for Forest Walks. If you’d like to then include a noteeven with just a few words – along with your name if you’d like your suggestion to be credited).