About the Artists

Deirdre Heddon holds the James Arnott Chair in Drama at the University of Glasgow (UK). She is the author of Autobiography and Performance (2008), and co-author with Jane Milling of Devising Performance: A Critical History (2005/2015). Her edited collections include, Histories and Practices of Live Art (2012), co-edited with Jennie Klein and It’s All Allowed: The Performances of Adrian Howells (2016), co-edited with Dominic Johnson. Dee is also a contributor to Walking, Writing and Performance: Autobiographical Texts (2009) and has written a number of articles about walking and performance, including ‘Adapting to the future: vulnerable bodies, resilient practices’ with Sue Porter, in The Impact of Co-Production: From Community Engagement to Social Justice (2017),  ‘Going for a walk: a verbatim play’, Studies in Theatre and Performance (2015), ‘Turning 40: 40 Turns. Walking and Friendship’, Performance Research (2012); ‘Women Walking: Shifting the Tales and Scales of Mobility’, with Cathy Turner, Contemporary Theatre Review (2012), ‘The Horizon of Sound: Soliciting the Earwitness’, Performance Research (2010)  and ‘Walking Women: Interviews with Artists on the Move’, with Cathy Turner, Performance Research (2010). Dee recently co-edited a themed edition of RiDE: A Journal of Applied Drama, which focused on applied theatre and environmentalism (2012). With Misha Myers, Dee has co-authored numerous articles, artist’s pages and essays and co-edited the edition ‘On Libraries’ for Performance Research (2017).


Contact: Deirdre.Heddon@glasgow.ac.uk

Dee portrait  IMG_2542

Misha Myers is a Senior Lecture and Course Director of Creative Arts at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is all about creating interactive and location-based narrative experiences. She is interested in how people experience place and express their sense of place in the world and how mobile and location-based media and technology can immerse audiences in  the complex stories of place and connect people to places and one another. Not always digital, sometimes the tools and devices she employs are as analogue as a book, one of the first mobile media ideal for augmenting experiences of places with stories. Her work is often co-designed and/or based on stories collected from people of a place or with a particular experience of a place, such as refugee inhabitants or small-holding farmers in India, some of the participants she has worked with in past projects.  She has collaborated with the Delhi-based rural development NGO Digital Green and small-holding farmers in India to co-design the digital and physical board game Bumper Crop. She created the award-winning interactive multimedia storytelling platform way from home (2004) with UK inhabitants of refugee and asylum seeker background to map their remembered landscapes of home. The project attracted an AOL Innovation in the Community Award.

Contact: misha.myers@deakin.edu.au

Misha and Dee are both members of the Walking Artists Network www.walkingartistsnetwork.org

walking artists network

Photos by Luke Allan and Deirdre Heddon

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