About the Artists

Deirdre Heddon holds the James Arnott Chair in Drama at the University of Glasgow (UK). She is the author of Autobiography and Performance (2008), and co-author with Jane Milling of Devising Performance: A Critical History (2005/2015). Her edited collections include, Histories and Practices of Live Art (2012), co-edited with Jennie Klein and It’s All Allowed: The Performances of Adrian Howells (2016), co-edited with Dominic Johnson. Dee is also a contributor to Walking, Writing and Performance: Autobiographical Texts (2009) and has written a number of articles about walking and performance, including ‘Adapting to the future: vulnerable bodies, resilient practices’ with Sue Porter, in The Impact of Co-Production: From Community Engagement to Social Justice (2017),  ‘Going for a walk: a verbatim play’, Studies in Theatre and Performance (2015), ‘Turning 40: 40 Turns. Walking and Friendship’, Performance Research (2012); ‘Women Walking: Shifting the Tales and Scales of Mobility’, with Cathy Turner, Contemporary Theatre Review (2012), ‘The Horizon of Sound: Soliciting the Earwitness’, Performance Research (2010)  and ‘Walking Women: Interviews with Artists on the Move’, with Cathy Turner, Performance Research (2010). Dee recently co-edited a themed edition of RiDE: A Journal of Applied Drama, which focused on applied theatre and environmentalism (2012). With Misha Myers, Dee has co-authored numerous articles, artist’s pages and essays and co-edited the edition ‘On Libraries’ for Performance Research (2017).


Contact: Deirdre.Heddon@glasgow.ac.uk

Dee portrait  IMG_2542

Misha Myers is a Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Falmouth University (UK). She researches and makes located, participatory and digital performance work and has published a number of articles about walking and performance including  ‘Vocal Landsca ping: The theatricality of sound in audio walks’, in the edited collection Theatre Noise   (2011); ‘Walking again lively: towards an ambulant and conversive methodology of performance and research‘, Mobilities Journal (2011); ‘Walk with me, talk with me: The art of conversive wayfinding’, Visual Studies (2010); ‘Homing Devices’, Leonardo Electronic Almanac (2006); and ‘Journeys to, from and around’, in the exhibition catalogue for Art in the Age of Terrorism (2005). Her chapter ‘Enduring Gravity: Footnotes on walking and duration’ is included in the forthcoming edited collection Choreographic Dwelling to be published by Palgrave (2013).


Contact: Misha.Myers@falmouth.co.uk

Misha and Dee are both members of the Walking Artists Network www.walkingartistsnetwork.org

walking artists network

Photos by Luke Allan and Deirdre Heddon

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