Past Editions

WalkingLibraryPhoto_BarrowLibrary WalkingLibraryPhoto_BeehiveLibrary

The Walking Library has been presented in several different contexts, most typically in commissioned editions. The library contents are curated based on suggestions or donations of books people think are good to take on a particular walk in a particular context (for example, what book would you carry for to find the wildness in the city?). The walking library offers public walks. Its collection is displayed and walking participants are invited to select a book to walk with. Walking together, carrying books, we pause to give readings on the move in shifting contexts along a journey. The contents of the books are in dialogue with the environments we walk through, the one illuminating the other and vice versa. The books also act as a social glue, a catalyst to conviviality, to sharing of stories and knowledges. At the end of each project, the library is donated on to the  commissioning organisation as a future resource.

Scroll down from the Past Editions tab to find more details about previous Walking Library projects.

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